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We here at Project Blue Water believe that it shouldn't take a PHD or Scrooge McDuck amounts of money to make a positive change for our waterways. Big change comes from everyday people making small consistent efforts to promote environmental wellbeing.

Project Blue Water was founded by a group of Space Coast residents who became tired of seeing the Indian River Lagoon's health deteriorate while bureaucracy halted meaningful action from being taken. That is where our slogan derives its genesis; act now or the river will be dead forever.

Actions being taken...

Mini Reef Installation - Through a partnership with Ocean Habitats, Project Blue Water installs under-dock mini reefs. These out-of-sight passive reefs, when fully mature, are capable of growing 300 fish, 200 crabs, and can filter up to 30,000 gallons of water per day.

Educational Content - Learning should be fun, concise, and engaging. Project Blue Water leverages their founders backgrounds in marketing and photography to produce informative material that is easily digestible in today's social media environment.

Shoreline Cleanups - Project Blue Water believes that anyone, anywhere can assist in cleaning up the Indian River Lagoon. We aim to gamify shoreline cleanups by rewarding our top supporters with exclusive SWAG. Simply attend a Project Blue Water sanctioned clean-up or #ProjectBlueWater on social media



Our mission is to partner with community and national organizations to amplify our messaging and create measurable environmental change. If your organization is interested in supporting or partnering with Project Blue Water lets chat!  

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